A floor is a particularly close space for the youngest children. This is where they make their first steps, where they play for the first time, where they reveal their early independence and from where they get to know the world.
This is why we decided to deal with this significant yet primitive theme and created the show “Floorville”. Our play takes the young audience into an abstract world of art and music, discovering new spaces for their imagination and creativity.
We invite you for the journey deep into the floor, behind which hide many secrets.
Touch it.
Feel it.
Imagine it and join the play.

The play was created, performed, and the songs/ sounds were sung by:
Janka Jankiewicz - Maśląkowska Tomasz Maśląkowski

Promotional materials and production design consultation: Mateusz Mirowski

Duration: 30 min + 15 min of common play

Performance addressed to children between 1 and 5 years old

Premiere: 5th of May, 2012 in the Wroclaw Puppet Theatre


English (United Kingdom)Polish (Poland)