At the 6th International Festival of Contemporary Plays for Children and the Youth KON-TEKSTY 2013 in Poznań our performance “PODŁOGOWO” received the award for the best performance for the youngest children. Thank You.

LALE.Teatr would like to invite you to come and watch a performance of "Banana.Wall", which will be presented during The I Review of the New Theatre for Children in Wroclaw Puppet Theatre on 28th and 30th June. Welcome.

Our performance “PODŁOGOWO” won the award for extraordinary originality and direct acting at the 13 NAJ NAJ NAJ International Festival at the City Theatre "Żar Ptica" in Zagreb, Croatia.

"Nagrada za iznimnu originalnost i neposrednost igre LALE.Teatru iz Poljske"

Thank You! Hvala!!!

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